These additions to our programs show once again that Adrian College is an institution where innovation happens all the time.

Dr. Antonis Coumoundouros

Professor of philosophy, religion and leadership

Adrian College recently added two new majors, two new minors and two new certificate programs to its curriculum. The college’s faculty stepped forward and overwhelmingly voted to approve the addition of the new degrees and programs last week. These new courses are specifically designed to teach many of the skills employers, non-profits and corporations are most interested in for today’s modern economy.

“I’d like to commend our faculty and academic leadership for working to create these new programs that are so relevant to today’s marketplace,” said Jeff Docking, Adrian College president. “These additional programs will be highly relevant to the workplace and economy for years to come.”

The new degrees and programs being offered at Adrian College include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  • Minor in Public Health
  • Minor in eSports Management
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Certificate in Multimedia Marketing

Adrian College added Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate degree majors in Human Resources Management, and Professional Sales last month.

“Adrian College is always forward thinking and has found a way to provide new majors for our students and prospective students, even during this current pandemic,” said Andrea Milner, Adrian College vice president and dean of academic affairs. “What could be more relevant than seeking public health and supply chain management careers during this uncertain time?”

Experts predict there will be a large demand for workers in those career fields in the near future.

“I am excited about the new major and minor in public health as it is relevant to students interested in science, math, and health,” said Cheryl Nutter, Adrian College assistant professor in healthcare management. “The current COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of coordinating health and wellness along with socioeconomic factors and legal issues that impact outcomes. Knowledge in this subject area will be in demand in practice as well as research.”

She added that students will take courses in epidemiology, biostatistics, health economics, health policy and regulation, and communication strategies that become critical in sharing a unified public.

“The degree is multifaceted and aligns well with a liberal arts education as there is a need for broad perspectives and critical thinking to solve new health issues as they arise,” she said.

Adrian College has been on the forefront of new ideas in higher education with partnerships created with Google and Harvard Business School in the last two years, and continues seeking new ways to provide students with a quality education that will make a real difference in their lives, and the world.

Dr. Antonis Coumoundouros, professor of philosophy, religion and leadership, was also very excited about the college faculty approving the new programs.

“These additions to our programs show once again that Adrian College is an institution where innovation happens all the time,” Coumoundouros said. “These programs will provide more academic options and career opportunities for our current and prospective students.”

Current students interested in any of the programs should contact their student advisor. Perspective students can get more information about these new programs by contacting [email protected].