College World

VOL. 104 Number 18
February 23, 1989


Alpha Phi

The Sisters of Alpha Phi have been busy this past week with several programs, meetings, and fun activities. Our District Governor, Judy Brown, spent the weekend with us, getting to know our new officers, evaluating Rush, and setting goals for the year. On Monday, we did aerobics together to get in shape for Florida. We had a rush retreat on Tuesday to begin planning fall rush. We also attended a discussion concerning acquaintance rape with the Brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma. On Wednesday our new officers got together to set goals for our sorority. We are all getting together to go out to dinner on Friday, and on Saturday, are looking forward to an all-greek party at the Theta Chi house. On Sunday, we’re having a scholarship banquet to honor our sisters who completed a successful academic fall semester.

Chi Omega

We’re getting fired up for our formal in April at the Radisson in Toledo. We are currently selling chocolate chip cookies as a fundraiser through Saturday. We’ll be road tripping next month to Hillsdale for State Day, March 10. Tuesday our pledges had a Chi Omega Scavenger Hunt and they’ll soon be picking Moms. Good luck to everyone next week on midterms!

Sigma Sigma Sigma

This month a new chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was installed in North Carolina. In honor of this occasion, we all dressed up and wore purple and white ribbons with our pins. On Feb. 9, we enjoyed making and eating sundaes with homemade ice cream. The ice cream was made by Traci Peel ‘91, one of our sisters. On Feb. 10 we had a mixer with the Brothers of Beta Lambda Sigma. We all enjoyed ourselves and had a chance to get to know each other. We got off campus on Feb. 13 by making a doughnut run to Zummie’s Doughnut Shop. After eating our doughnuts we cheered. We all had a great time. We had another movie night on Feb. 17. We invited our friends over and watched Short Circuit II, and Three Men and a Baby. We are looking forward to the pizza party this evening with the Brothers of Theta Chi.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

The Michigan Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been busy preparing for spring break and working with the new pledges. Most of the Brothers are headed for Florida for the long-awaited break. While preparing for the trip the Brothers, especially Jeff Upton ‘90 and Rick Connolly ‘90, have been working with the new pledges to get them acquainted with the fraternity. New pledges include Jeff Barker, Mike Chretien, Jamie Fontaine, Dave Gervasi, Mike Graves, Ken Griffith, Brian Koch, Mike Miller and Tom Windels. Sigma Alpha Epsilon also recently won the Intramural basketball championship, is currently in the lead for overall IM points with 189, and is aiming for the IM title.

Theta Chi

The Brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity have been busy in the past few weeks and will continue to be until the upcoming ritual known as Spring Break. On Saturday, Feb. 4, we went to the Eta Phi Chapter at Oakland University to attend OX-BOW, our regional conference, and brought home a plaque for Most Outstanding Participation with nearly half of the chapter there. It was a big weekend of programs from meeting brothers from all over. Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. On Friday, Feb. 10, we and the sisters of the Alpha Phi Sorority had a successful mixer…one of the more successful ones, in recent history. The attire was Bed- or Bath-wear, and the night was spent dancing and playing games. On Friday, Feb. 17, we began our Brotherhood Weekend and had Dave Coy ‘, former Sigma Alpha Epsilon of Adrian College and present advisor to the fraternity, as a speaker. Thank you, Dave. Following the session, we all went to the pool and played water volleyball and water polo. Saturday, Feb. 18, we then headed out to the Hampton Inn in Ann Arbor where the 24 brothers who went split up into six rooms and enjoyed the pool and hot-tub facilities there. Later on, we enjoyed the night out on the town. This upcoming weekend, we are setting up for Saturday’s All Greek party with seven Theta Chi chapters invited from all over the region. It should prove to be a good time…Check us out!

All greek organizations were contacted for Greek Speak, and are encouraged to submit a summary of their activities each week. Deadline for summaries is Tuesday at 5 p.m.