Staci Troyer Short ’96

Staci Troyer Short ’96 recently accepted the position of principal at Kalkaska High School, where she has been a teacher for many years. She and her husband reside in Mancelona, Mich.

Joanna Mathews ’99

Since graduating from Adrian College, Joanna Mathews ’99 graduated with a master’s degree in social work and passed the licensure exam. She is now a licensed social worker, working as a mental health therapist.

Jason Mutzfeld ’93

Jason Mutzfeld ’93, director and career coach at Merrfeld Career Management, recently published his first book, Find Work Worth Doing: The Handbook for Creating a Meaningful Career. Jason lives in Westfield, Ind., with his wife, Cathy.

Bob Welton ’91

Bob Welton ’91, former quarterback for Adrian College, and currently the director of player personnel for the University of Alabama, are celebrating the team’s winning of the 2020 NCAA National Football Championship.

Alison Eggly Klotz ’99

Alison Eggly Klotz ’99, a special education teacher/director at Onsted High School in Onsted, Mich., was recognized for her outstanding leadership and commitment to delivering high quality education to all of Onsted High School’s students. This award was presented by...