On May 5, 2020, in response to the growing concerns that the coronavirus was having on our country, Adrian College announced the COVID-19 Emergency Scholarship Fund. This campaign had a goal to raise $1 million for students and families who were financially affected by the coronavirus. An amazing donor provided a $500,000 challenge grant and we utilized the momentum from this gift to inspire other donors to give. To date, we have received commitments of approximately $470,000 to the COVID-19 Emergency Scholarship Fund! We are now only $30,000 away from receiving another $500,000 and bringing our total to $1 million committed for student scholarships. The support of our alumni and friends is already helping an immediate need as over 160 students have been assisted by this emergency fund. We are so appreciative and continue to be inspired by the loyalty and support our alumni and friends!

Added to that, this emergency effort came on the heels of the successful IMPACT Campaign (2015-2020), where generous alumni and friends committed over $16.2 million and created 115 new scholarships for our students.

This past fiscal year we had 3,432 gifts made to a wide variety of funds at the College! Thank you to our alumni and friends for their continued belief and support of Adrian College!