The 46th annual PiKA Homecoming reunion will take place October 2-4, at the home of Ron ’72 and Millie ’75 Pruett, 320 N. Scott St., in Adrian, with an alumni association PiKA meeting Saturday morning at 11 a.m., followed with the photo taken for next year’s invitation. RSVP’s can be made by calling (517) 403-8323, or emailing [email protected]. PiKA masks will be available.

Those in attendance last year were Harry Kammerer ’74, Dave Sheely ’68, Dave Neuhauser ’74, Dan Cropsey ’73, Mike Bloom ’72, Steve Lasky ’68, Tom Meyer ’67, Will Dowdy ’16, Justin Asher ’16, Dick Balhoff ’72, Wynn Hensel ’74, Drake Vandenberg ’18, David Sopaseuth ’18, Steve Trubey ’73, Tom Leman ’74, Rick Smith ’73, Dave Ripper ’71, Jim Smoker ’75, John Berling ’15, Isiah Dehn ’20, Jon Horne ’76, and current students Spencer Furlich, Collin Hull, Logan Denn, Scott Boden, Conner Wise, and Noah Taritas.