Adrian residents Michael and Betsy Lackey have been going through a rough time the last few months. Michael has experienced a number of medical set-backs and has been hospitalized since the beginning of October. He was in Toledo Hospital for over 45 days.

In preparation for Michael’s return to Adrian, a number of people have been pitching in to help Betsy out with everyday chores as well as getting the house ready for his return.  A Go Fund me page was organized by Croswell artistic director, Jere Righter. The goal was to raise $15,000, which has been greatly exceeded, for the Lackeys to build a full bathroom on the main floor of their historic home. This will allow Michael to live on the first floor and have all the facilities he needs on that floor. There will also be a first-floor laundry as part of the renovation.

Herb and Beth Wiley, along with Mike and Sarah Berthold, have been assisting in clearing things out for the renovation and taking care of different issues for Betsy. Keith Holloway has been the leading the renovation along with the help of Herb and Mike.

One of the major items this time of year was taking care of all the leaves that came down in their yard. Having a large yard is always nice until it’s time to pick up all those leaves. Mike had an idea on how to take care of that problem. Mike, an Adrian College graduate, was a member of the Theta Chi fraternity during his college years. He contacted current Theta Chi president, Bronner Wicking, and asked if the brothers could help out with bagging up all the leaves. There was also a need to clear out part of the basement so the plumber and electrician could do their work. Without hesitation, Bronner said the Theta Chi brothers would be glad to help the Lackeys out. So, on a cold, and very windy Sunday, ten brothers showed up and went to work bagging leaves and carrying items up from the basement. Having all the brothers there made a huge job very manageable.

The Lackeys would like to thank the brothers of the Zeta Beta Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity at Adrian College for their assistance in both projects.  The work they did will greatly help the contractors who are remodeling and expanding the downstairs bathroom.  Michael is currently in rehab at Flower Hospital, Sylvania, Ohio, after suffering a long recovery at Toledo Hospital following a stroke on September 26.

The Theta Chi Fraternity has a motto that says, “Extend the Helping Hand.” This goes not only for the College community, but the entire Adrian community. The brothers of Theta Chi participate in hundreds of hours of community service every single year in Adrian, as do many other Greek and student organizations at the College. A culture of service and gratitude is part of the fabric of the Adrian College experience.